Warranty Policy

Matters Custom warrants to the original purchaser for the following period from your purchasing date against deficiencies in material and workmanship under normal use. Should this unit fail to operate in a satisfactory manner within the warranty period, Matters Custom will at its discretion, replace or repair the product. We may use functionally equivalent, similar (if model is discontinued or out of stock), reconditioned, refurbished, re-manufactured, pre-owned or new products or parts.

If service is required
Should this unit fail to operate in a satisfactory manner, it is best to first check with the store where it was originally purchased. Should this fail to resolve the matter and if you believe your unit meets the criteria for warranty replacement or repair, please contact us at 65553560 or email us at matters@zmc.com.sg

What this warranty does not cover

This limited warranty does not cover:
1. If the device was not purchased from Matters Custom or its authorized retailers.

2. Device malfunction due to the normal wear and tear, misuse, lack of maintenance, accidents, modification, alteration or repairs by an unauthorized person or entity.

3. Products that are operated in combination with ancillary and/or peripheral equipment not furnished or otherwise certified by Matters Custom for use with the product or any damage to the products or ancillary and/or peripheral equipment as a result of such uses.

4. Matters Custom is not liable for any damages (properties, business, and/or indirect damages), which may cause to the vehicle for any reason, product damage or personal injuries that occur due to accidents or natural disasters.

5. Matters Custom is not liable of any installation of any other related products not bought from directly.

6. Matters Custom is not liable for liable for any products which does not perform to the extent purpose of the product. Consumer should take basic initiative to ensure the products perform to the purpose of each individual consumer's preference.